Connect Workday to Sheets

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Magically connect your HRIS data to Sheets. Access the reports you need in seconds right in your favorite analysis tool. Monthly or Annual License!

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Psst - hey you. This is the integration you've been looking for -- the one Workday would never build because they have a competing product. But we want you to do what's best for you and your stakeholders, not the shareholders of Workday.

This app integrates your HRIS directly with Sheets to save hours of unsafe CSV downloading and endless requests to your administrator. Zap a report right into a Sheet in an attractive format, set up an automated timer so that your data is always up to date, and use it in analysis and apps as you please.

Use Cases:
For nearly a decade, I have run People Analytics off of these private scripts that I am now sharing. Once you have data pumping right into Google, you can do anything.

  • Auto-generated reports that appear overnight
  • Use comp & people data as a backend for processes
  • Build an anniversary bot or other time-based triggers on top of your data

You could pay a data engineer 250k a year to pipe data into a warehouse, or you could click a few buttons in this app. The choice is yours!

Who is the Sheets Wizard?

The Sheets Wizard (with his co-founder, the Sheets Witch) is a Director of Analytics who has been teaching Sheets courses at NYU, Nielsen, BuzzFeed, Google & Twitch for over 10 years with an emphasis on shortcuts.

He previously taught an Excel course, "Page Down For What?", until one day he stumbled upon an ancient power and converted to Sheets. He is now 7 years free from Excel.

In the year 2019 he joined the Google Workspace team to get as close to the source of its power as possible. He found he could best empower others as an independent, freelance Wizard and launched to help others learn to love Google Sheets.

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Connect Workday to Sheets

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