One Shortcut to Rule Them All

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There are a lot of courses that teach you how to do stuff in Sheets. This is the only one that teaches you how to do it faster and better than anyone else you know.

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People Are Saying:

  • “Hat tip to Max, I didn't know this trick and shared it with my whole team” - PM, Google Sheets
  • “[After a 1 hour class] I operate my whole career in a new, data-driven way“ - VP, Big Tech
  • “It happened. It finally happened. I am converted to Google Sheets” - Financial Analyst
  • “I called my family into the room to come see your shortcut!” - Course Participant, 2022
  • “No. I need you to do it for Excel instead“ - My Mom

About this Course:

What if I told you that I had one trick so impactful, it could replace everything you need to know about menus and shortcuts?

One trick so efficient it could allow you to do 10 spreadsheet actions in 10 seconds?

One trick so mysterious that it has never been posted once online, and not even the product team at Google Sheets used it until I shared it with them?

How could one shortcut do all that?

This mini-course is a subset of a class I have taught for many years called "How I Learned to Stop Hating and Love Google Sheets" designed to bring comfort to those switching from Excel. It is made to inspire delight with something only Sheets (and the rest of Google Workspace) can do and spark your imagination for a career of working with the computer in general.

The shortcut does not do one thing--it does everything. In the mini-course, I spend a minute showing you just how fast you could one day be, followed by an introduction to a new way of thinking about Sheets and using apps efficiently with the keyboard. The practical lesson is then shown in just a few minutes, but the time-savings will last a lifetime.

Who is the Sheets Wizard?

The Sheets Wizard (with his co-founder, the Sheets Witch) is a Director of Analytics who has been teaching Sheets courses at NYU, Nielsen, BuzzFeed, Google & Twitch for over 10 years with an emphasis on shortcuts.

He previously taught an Excel course, "Page Down For What?", until one day he stumbled upon an ancient power and converted to Sheets. He is now 7 years free from Excel.

In the year 2019 he joined the Google Workspace team to get as close to the source of its power as possible. He found he could best empower others as an independent, freelance Wizard and launched to help others learn to love Google Sheets.

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Access to one video mini-course, split into 2 sections, that you can watch at your own pace. Marked down to a min. price of 5 dollars to celebrate our launch. When we add future courses, you can join the leaderboard to get points for your course completion & Wizarding Status.

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One Shortcut to Rule Them All

9 ratings
I want this!